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Gist Healthcare Daily

Sep 30, 2019

It’s been almost a decade since the biggest reform of the American healthcare system in recent times - the Affordable Care Act. The law started to change how we pay for healthcare with the goal of increasing the value of patient outcomes. On this special episode of Gist Healthcare Daily, we talk to Dr. Farzad...

Sep 27, 2019

You can now buy a bundle of groceries and health services at Sam’s Club. CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina resigned after details of a drunk driving incident surfaced. The Senate votes to delay cuts to hospitals that treat a lot of Medicaid patients. 

Sep 26, 2019

A Memphis hospital wipes out medical debt for thousands of patients. Kaiser Permanente employees call off a strike after reaching a tentative deal. Employers are spending as much on healthcare as an economy car.  

Sep 25, 2019

Amazon launches a virtual clinic for employees. A merger between two Blue Cross insurers is on hold after a DUI arrest. Indiana residents are suing to block Medicaid work requirements.  

Sep 24, 2019

The new formula for disproportionate share payments was finalized Monday. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders revealed his plan to forgive billions of dollars in medical debt. An antitrust expert breaks down some of the arguments in the Sutter Health antitrust case.