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Gist Healthcare Daily

Jan 31, 2020

The federal government is offering states more flexibility on Medicaid in exchange for limited funding. The coronavirus is now an official public health emergency. And Americans are living longer

Jan 30, 2020

Close to 8,000 health care workers go on strike in Seattle disrupting patient care and costing the hospital millions. And some lawmakers are renewing calls for legislation to address surprise billing.

Jan 29, 2020

Practice Fusion will pay a hefty fine for a kickback scheme to prescribe more opioids. Illinois passes a law to make insulin more affordable. And coronavirus cases continue to increase across the globe. 

Jan 28, 2020

Self-insured employers aren’t reducing healthcare costs. Secretary of Health Alex Azar says "scare tactics" won’t stop plans to ease medical records access. And the Supreme Court says the public charge rule can be enforced. 

Jan 27, 2020

More cases of coronavirus are identified in the United States. Congressman Pete Stark, who was involved in pivotal health policies died at age 88. And Dan Gorenstein talks about exploring the tradeoffs of healthcare policy in his new...