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Gist Healthcare Daily

Aug 31, 2021

A new study in The Lancet finds the Delta variant may actually cause more severe disease than previous strains. Jury selection starts in the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. And CVS and Walmart’s latest move into care delivery is offering mental healthcare in store.

Aug 30, 2021

Oregon hospitals are struggling to handle the influx of COVID patients, partly because the state has the fewest hospital beds per capita in the nation. In this episode, we'll hear how National Guard troops are helping one Oregon hospital inundated with COVID patients and short on staff.   

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Aug 27, 2021

During this Delta surge, more pregnant women are ending up severely ill with COVID and physicians urge vaccinations. Religious groups and affiliated hospitals require the COVID-19 vaccine. And insurers expand marketplace offerings.

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Aug 26, 2021

Doctors beg people to get their first vaccine doses, while companies ask for booster shot approval. Mental health apps Ginger and Headspace merge. And desperate for staff, places in Nebraska say no COVID vaccine necessary. 

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Aug 25, 2021

The House advances the $3.5 trillion social spending package. Despite job losses from the pandemic, the uninsured rate stayed about the same. And the US Preventive Task Force is lowering the recommended age for Type 2 diabetes screening.

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